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This is the personal web site of Carlos Peris where you can see my productions: professional and freeware games, technical demos and tools. You can also read news about mobile & wireless devices, demoscene, amiga, games, emulators and programming. I'm currently Technical Manager at Digital Chocolate Barcelona. If you wish to contact me use the following link.

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    Epic fighters, the fantasy social game 10/09/2010 Show New
    Millionaire City, build the city of your dreams 24/05/2010 Show New
    Tracker Hero, Guitar Hero for Amiga computers 07/01/2010 Show New
    MMA Pro Fighter: Facebook Social game now available 22/12/2009 Show New
    Carnival Games Live: iPhone game now available 27/10/2009 Show New
    Jungle Bloxx: iPhone game now available 17/06/2009 Show New
    Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D: iPhone game now available 09/02/2009 Show New
    Mobile Game: Fun Fair Games 12 Pack 01/10/2008 Show New
    PC/Web Game: Digital Chocolate releases Diamond Islands 01/06/2008 Show New
    PC/Web Game: Digital Chocolate releases Pyramid Bloxx 01/06/2008 Show New
    Mobile Game: Brain Tester 24 pack 01/04/2008 Show New
    Mobile Game: Digital Chocolate presents Hot Balloon Race 16/02/2008 Show New
    PC/XBox360: Starcrushers, Space RTS in XNA 14/08/2007 Show New
    Mobile Game: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Team Racing (MJ/Dchoc) 14/08/2007 Show New
    Mobile Game: UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 nomitated as best game! 07/05/2007 Show New
    Mobile Game: Astro 3003 Odissey (Microjocs) 24/12/2006 Show New
    Mobile Game: LMA Manager 2007 (Codemasters/Microjocs) 27/10/2006 Show New
    Mobile Game: Microjocs releases MoviFutbolin, the pocket foosball 11/06/2006 Show New
    PC Game: Warcrushers 22/05/2006 Show New
    Mobile Game: LMA Manager 2006 (Microjocs/Jamdat/Codemasters) 03/03/2006 Show New
    Mobile Game: Club Football 2006 (Microjocs/Jamdat/Codemasters) 07/12/2005 Show New
    Amiga Tool: JoyTest 1.0b 07/12/2005 Show New
    Mobile Game: Lord Of The Rings: Legends (Microjocs & Jamdat) 23/10/2005 Show New
Mobile Game: Lord Of The Rings: Legends (Microjocs & Jamdat)

Yeah! It's Lord of The Rings, the latest game I've programmed. You can play with Frodo, Aragorn, Legolas and Eowin. Travel from the Shire to Mount Doom through the Mines of Moria and the plains of Rohan. Fight against the Uruk-hais in Helm's Deep and save Frodo from the Nazgul on Weathertop. Follow Gollum to Mordor crossing the Death Marshes and climbing the stairs of Cirith Ungol to the Shelob's Lair. Cast the ring into the cracks of Doom and save the Middle Earth from Sauron!

     Design & GFX: Jordi Palomé
     Programming: Carlos Peris
     Music: Jordi Gutiérrez
     QA Manager: Xavi Espejo
     Published by Jamdat and developed by Microjocs.

What press said:

'An accurate production that captures the magic of the original to provide unforgettable playing moments'
95% Score - PlayStation 2 Magazine (Spain)
'Best of the best' - móvilJuegos (Spain)

More info here: /zener/works/lotrlegends/index.html

    PC Game: Ninegods PFC 10/04/2005 Show New
    Mobile Game: Frozen World (Microjocs) 01/09/2004 Show New
    Mobile Game: Football Mobile 2004 (Microjocs) 01/08/2004 Show New
    Mobile Game: NeonRacer (Microjocs) 01/03/2004 Show New
    Mobile Game: Poyo's Garden (Microjocs) 06/01/2004 Show New
    Amiga Game: Amidonkey Kong 06/01/2004 Show New
    Mobile Game: Movistar Racing (Microjocs) 21/10/2003 Show New
    Mobile Game: RanRan (Microjocs) 15/06/2003 Show New
    Mobile Game: K-Insectors (Microjocs) 05/05/2003 Show New
    Amiga Game: Whirlwind 19/02/2003 Show New
    Mobile Game: Wrath of Sekhmet (Microjocs) 15/02/2002 Show New
    Mobile Game: Spitfire (Microjocs) 21/11/2002 Show New
    PC Game add-on: Alien: The 8th passenger 08/05/2002 Show New
    PC Tool: Pdetector 02/05/2002 Show New
    PC Tool: Aliranze 02/05/2002 Show New
    PC Demo: Redbull Tororojo 06/01/2002 Show New
    Amiga Intro: Trashcan 5 announcentro 06/01/2001 Show New
    Amiga Game: Waverun (Gold) 19/11/2000 Show New
    Amiga Tool: Timofonica 23/03/2000 Show New
    Amiga Game: Z DragonBall 02/08/1999 Show New

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