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This is the personal web site of Carlos Peris where you can see my productions: professional and freeware games, technical demos and tools. You can also read news about mobile & wireless devices, demoscene, amiga, games, emulators and programming. I'm currently Technical Manager at Digital Chocolate Barcelona. If you wish to contact me use the following link.

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    The new version of WinAros uses Microsoft Virtual PC 05/08/2006 Show New
The new version of WinAros uses Microsoft Virtual PC

Now WinAros uses the free Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 instead of QEMU. The package contains a preinstalled HD Image with Aros.
Microsoft Virtual PC can be dowloaded free here

More info here: http://amidevcpp.amiga-world.de/WinAros. php

    A/NES v1.01 beta1 released! 06/06/2006 Show New
A/NES v1.01 beta1 released!

A/NES is a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for AmigaOS. Not updated during 7 years, now the author has bought a new Amiga 1200 and is coding A/NES again. And he has released a new version that supports FDS emulation.

More info here: http://www.anes.se/

    Now hosting AmiEmulators Web! 05/04/2006 Show New
Now hosting AmiEmulators Web!

Now the collection of emulators (including sources) done by Juan Antonio Gomez are available in this site.

AmiMSX - AmiGameBoy - AmiMasterGear- AmiNES - AmiPCEngine

More info here: /zener/AmiEmulatorsWeb/index.htm

    Lemonade - The Ultimate Amiga Gaming Frontend 18/09/2005 Show New
Lemonade - The Ultimate Amiga Gaming Frontend

Lemonade is a front-end program for WinUAE that allows you to browse a fully comprehensive database of Amiga games and play them at the click of a button. There are many different options that can be changed to make the program more tuned to your needs and the program intends to be easy-to-use whilst giving a fully integrated package for every Amiga fan.

More info here: http://www.lemonamiga.com/lemonade/previ ew/

    PSP UAE v0.31 27/08/2005 Show New
PSP UAE v0.31

PSP-UAE is a port of the UAE Amiga emulator to the Sony PSP. You'll need a v1.0 or v1.50 firmware to run it.

More info here: http://psp-news.dcemu.co.uk/pspuae.shtml

    Emulators by Juan Antonio Gomez aka 007! 14/10/2003 Show New
Emulators by Juan Antonio Gomez aka 007!

MSX - Game Boy - Master System - Game Gear - NES - PC Engine Emulators for Amiga Computers

More info here: /zener/AmiEmulatorsWeb/index.htm

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