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LMA Manager 2007
aka Manager de Liga 2007
aka BDFL Manager 2007
aka FC Manager 2007: La Passion Du Foot
aka Football Manager Campionato 2007

Genre: Sports Simulation

Role: Lead Programmer / Project Leader

Company: Codemasters / Microjocs

Plattform: J2ME

Year: 2006


Game Mobile: 7.2/10 points (Top 100 chart)
Java Junkie: 3 of 3 stars
Pocketgamer: Bronze award


... It's all hands-on this season! Control exactly how your players train to get the best out of them. Upgrade your facilities to give your men the best chance of success. Expand your stadium and increase your sponsorship, then spend the cash on improving your squad with the best players in the transfer market, featuring full negotiation and scouting. Once the whistle blows you're in full control on the pitch too - change your players, formation and tactics in real time to alter the course of the match! For those who prefer a more "armchair" approach to management - simply hire the best staff to take care of training, scouting and finance! Whichever way you play - meet your club's season objective and unlock bonuses including new formations and tips for the console version!


Producer: Manel Sort
Project Leader: Carlos Peris
Design: Joaquin Hurtado
Lead Programmer: Carlos Peris
Programming: David Rodríguez, Juan A. Gómez
Graphics: Raúl Durán
Music and FX: Tony Vera
QA: Damià Vazquez

Published by Codemasters
Developed by Microjocs Mobile


Normal, Exhibition and Fantasy Team game modes
Six complete european leagues
Domestic league and European competition
Easy control with an icon system and laptop messaging
Advanced Coaching control
Customizable manager data and skills
Transfers, contracts and negotiations
Perfect control of tactics and Formations
Staff hiring
Stadium enhancement
Match orders
Text and Isometric Match visualization
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