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aka MobiFutbolín
aka Table Football
aka Billiardino
aka Handykicker
aka Matraquilhos

Genre: Sports Simulation

Role: Lead Programmer / Project Leader

Company: Microjocs

Plattform: J2ME / DoJa

Year: 2006


Enjoy the most realistic foosball game for mobile phones and have fun anywhere you want and participate in the exclusive on-line ranking of MoviFoosball! Variable level of difficulty with infinite possibilities. Develop your techniques to beat the opponents! Will you be Number One in the world?


Producer: Manel Sort
Project Lead: Carlos Peris
Design: Joaquin Hurtado
Lead Programmer: Carlos Peris
Support Programming: Juan Antonio Gómez, Victor Zurriaga, Oscar Zurriaga
Server Programming: Raimon Ràfols
Porting: Albert Lladó
Graphics: Elias Lozano, Raúl Durán
Music and FX: Jordi Gutiérrez
QA Lead: Xavi Espejo

Developed by Microjocs Mobile


Easy control adapted to mobile gaming
Seven AI controlled opponents each with different playing styles
Adaptive difficulty level, the CPU matches the player skill
Offline and Online score system
Realistic and stunning graphics
Configurable number of football players, and football players position
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