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This is the personal web site of Carlos Peris where you can see my productions: professional and freeware games, technical demos and tools. You can also read news about mobile & wireless devices, demoscene, amiga, games, emulators and programming. I'm currently Technical Manager at Digital Chocolate Barcelona. If you wish to contact me use the following link.

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    Epic fighters, the fantasy social game 10/09/2010 Show New
    Millionaire City, build the city of your dreams 24/05/2010 Show New
    Tracker Hero, Guitar Hero for Amiga computers 07/01/2010 Show New
    New AmigaOne X1000 with Dual-core processor 06/01/2009 Show New
    MMA Pro Fighter: Facebook Social game now available 22/12/2009 Show New
    Carnival Games Live: iPhone game now available 27/10/2009 Show New
    Jungle Bloxx: iPhone game now available 17/06/2009 Show New
    Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D: iPhone game now available 09/02/2009 Show New
    Digital Chocolate heads to iPhone 01/01/2009 Show New
    Digital Legends's new games 04/11/2008 Show New
    Mobile Game: Fun Fair Games 12 Pack 01/10/2008 Show New
    Hyperion announces AmigaOS 4.1 13/07/2008 Show New
    MorphOS 2.0 released 13/07/2008 Show New
    BCNPlay, Video Games Summer School in Barcelona 27/06/2008 Show New
    PC/Web Game: Digital Chocolate releases Diamond Islands 01/06/2008 Show New
    PC/Web Game: Digital Chocolate releases Pyramid Bloxx 01/06/2008 Show New
    Digital Chocolate moves to Web and PC 01/06/2008 Show New
    D3 Fest 2008 Digital Arts Festival 31/05/2008 Show New
    ACube Systems presents a new board, the Sam440ep-flex 31/05/2008 Show New
    Mobile Game: Brain Tester 24 pack 01/04/2008 Show New
    Mobile Game: Digital Chocolate presents Hot Balloon Race 16/02/2008 Show New
    Pandora, the new portable gamingcomputer 26/04/2008 Show New
    International Mobile Gaming Awards 2007 07/03/2008 Show New
    Digital Chocolate won 4 awards at IGN Best of 2007 Awards 02/01/2008 Show New
    XNA news 29/12/2007 Show New
    The Vague: The new generation of Amiga diskmags 29/12/2007 Show New
    Ten Indie or Student Game Competitions 29/12/2007 Show New
    Minimig will be released comercially in January 29/12/2007 Show New
    Vapor ending? Duke Nukem Forever Teaser Trailer 20/12/2007 Show New
    AmigaOS 4.0 for Classic Amigas available now 20/12/2007 Show New
    Digital Chocolate wins Best Games Developer ME Award 19/09/2007 Show New
    Bcnparty'111: Place your bits now!!! 18/09/2007 Show New
    Star Fighter: D'Yammen's Reign is now freeware 18/09/2007 Show New
    Nokia strikes back with N-gage games service 29/08/2007 Show New
    Digital Chocolate has bought Microjocs Mobile 14/08/2007 Show New
    PC/XBox360: Starcrushers, Space RTS in XNA 14/08/2007 Show New
    Mobile Game: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Team Racing (MJ/Dchoc) 14/08/2007 Show New
    ASD/Lifeforce: The Assembly 2007 demo compo winner 14/08/2007 Show New
    AWeb 3.5.09 beta is now available for AmigaOS 3.x and 4.x 28/07/2007 Show New
    E3 trailers summary on Voodoo extreme 16/07/2007 Show New
    Ultra Violent Worlds (UVW), a new game for Amiga classic 16/07/2007 Show New
    A* pathfinding for beginners 16/07/2007 Show New
    Say hello to iPhone 29/06/2007 Show New
    Jurassic Pack #17 has been released 28/05/2007 Show New
    Blizzard presents Starcraft 2! 19/05/2007 Show New
    Mobile Game: UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 nomitated as best game! 07/05/2007 Show New
    The new split Amiga generation 01/05/2007 Show New
    Breakpoint 2007 is over 10/04/2007 Show New
    Will Wright speech at SXSW conference 02/04/2007 Show New
    Lecture with Gonzo Suárez 22/03/2007 Show New
    Games Developer Conference 2007 Resources 11/03/2007 Show New
    Dice Wars, an example of game design 11/03/2007 Show New
    Trip Hawkins talks 'Innovation VS Licensing in Mobile Gaming' at GDC 08/03/2007 Show New
    Polka Brothers website online 04/03/2007 Show New
    Game Design: One Button Games 28/02/2007 Show New
    Procedural Content Generation 11/02/2007 Show New
    Mobile 3GSM World Congress 2007 begins 11/02/2007 Show New
    BCNParty 110 photos 11/02/2007 Show New
    Quantum computer to make it's debut next week 11/02/2007 Show New
    Happy new year to everybody 01/01/2007 Show New
    Mindcandy Volume 2: Amiga demos 31/12/2006 Show New
    Using Google Earth to make games (Mars Sucks) 31/12/2006 Show New
    At last, AmigaOS 4.0 Final is here 25/12/2006 Show New
    Why are next-gen games so expensive? 24/12/2006 Show New
    IBrowse 2.4 released 24/12/2006 Show New
    Mobile Game: Astro 3003 Odissey (Microjocs) 24/12/2006 Show New
    Microjocs launches Pipemania (and new design for its webpage!) 24/12/2006 Show New
    Efika board, the successor of PegasosPPC 16/12/2006 Show New
    Serious Games Summit Europe 2006 02/12/2006 Show New
    Liberation: Captive II 30/11/2006 Show New
    Implementing dataports 18/11/2006 Show New
    The Mobile Developer's Manifesto 18/11/2006 Show New
    Feelin 18/11/2006 Show New
    Amiga magazine Speed 65 by Nah-Kolor 18/11/2006 Show New
    3GSM World Congress 2007. 12-15 February 13/11/2006 Show New
    Nero, a game with AI adaptative agents 13/11/2006 Show New
    Halloween eve at Guildwars: Mad King Thorn 04/11/2006 Show New
    IMGAwards 2006: IMGA has published the list of the 25 nominees 02/11/2006 Show New
    Mobile Game: LMA Manager 2007 (Codemasters/Microjocs) 27/10/2006 Show New
    Art futura 2006 24/10/2006 Show New
    XNA Game Studio Express Public Beta Released 24/10/2006 Show New
    BCNParty 110 results 23/10/2006 Show New
    escena.org reborn again 23/10/2006 Show New
    Demoshow live at BCNParty 110 17/10/2006 Show New
    Chat with Hyperion at Amiga Big Bash 4 17/09/2006 Show New
    Freescale Semiconductor sold for 17.6 BILLION USD 17/09/2006 Show New
    Q&A with Bill McEwen done by Amiga.org 17/09/2006 Show New
    Gameloft launches pc version of their mobile games 17/09/2006 Show New
    Quake for Falcon 060 released! 17/09/2006 Show New
    Dragon 1200 turboboard to be released 'early'?! 30/08/2006 Show New
    10 things you did not know about Nokia 30/08/2006 Show New
    Jurassic pack #16 Amiga scene magazine is out! 23/08/2005 Show New
    Bcn party'110... feels like chocolate 15/08/2005 Show New
    TBL Starstruck Amiga demo wins Assembly 2006! 06/08/2006 Show New
    The new version of WinAros uses Microsoft Virtual PC 05/08/2006 Show New
The new version of WinAros uses Microsoft Virtual PC

Now WinAros uses the free Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 instead of QEMU. The package contains a preinstalled HD Image with Aros.
Microsoft Virtual PC can be dowloaded free here

More info here: http://amidevcpp.amiga-world.de/WinAros. php

    The Postmortem of Sumea(Digital Chocolate)'s Tower Bloxx 01/08/2006 Show New
    Amiga demo videos from YouTube.com 29/07/2006 Show New
    Euskal encounter 14 27/07/2006 Show New
    LocoRoco, the new PSP hit, a flash like game 24/07/2006 Show New
    Amiga games videos from google 22/07/2006 Show New
    Microjocs releases San Fermines 2006 19/07/2006 Show New
    A Glimpse Inside the Cell Processor 13/07/2006 Show New
    Why software is bad and what we can do to fix it 09/07/2006 Show New
    Parallel-Split Shadow Maps for Large-scale Virtual Environments 09/07/2006 Show New
    Mobile Game: Microjocs releases MoviFutbolin, the pocket foosball 11/06/2006 Show New
    Flow in games thesis (Still waiting for Spore) 06/06/2006 Show New
    A/NES v1.01 beta1 released! 06/06/2006 Show New
    Another World high resolution collectors edition 27/05/2006 Show New
    Amiga version of Snow bross! 27/05/2006 Show New
    PC Game: Warcrushers 22/05/2006 Show New
    Amiga Reunification Project 17/05/2006 Show New
    The death of OpenGL? 10/05/2006 Show New
    The Making Of Shadow Of The Colossus 06/05/2006 Show New
    Orcs&Elves, the new turn based game from John Carmack 03/05/2006 Show New
    Javier Arevalo UPC Videogame conference slides 27/04/2006 Show New
    M-Play: First Mobile Gaming Controller 25/04/2006 Show New
    Breakpoint party 2006 results and releases 17/04/2006 Show New
    AmiRevival 2006 on 29th July 15/04/2006 Show New
    Tips to be a Game Programmer 15/04/2006 Show New
    AmigaOS 4.0 SDK available for download 12/04/2006 Show New
    Jurassic Pack #15 released! 10/04/2006 Show New
    Now hosting AmiEmulators Web! 05/04/2006 Show New
    The Amiga diskmag Eurochart issue 48 is out! 02/04/2006 Show New
    Free mobile Sudoku from Greenstreet software 02/04/2006 Show New
    Vertex Displacement Mapping using openGL Shading Language 29/03/2006 Show New
    The Mobies: Wireless Gaming Awards 28/03/2006 Show New
    The Hot 100 Game Developers 23/03/2006 Show New
    Interview with the Ancient Empires II (Glu mobile) Team 22/03/2006 Show New
    Nokia: The Next Generation of Mobile Gaming 21/03/2006 Show New
    Mitch Lasky: The Future of Mobile Gaming and its Enemies 21/03/2006 Show New
    No Playstation3(PS3) in shops until November 16/03/2006 Show New
    Will Wright's Spore game, maybe the best of all... 13/03/2006 Show New
    Mobile Game: LMA Manager 2006 (Microjocs/Jamdat/Codemasters) 03/03/2006 Show New
    3GSM World Congress in Barcelona 13/02/2006 Show New
    intEnt GamePlayer: Tao brings the next level of mobile gaming 08/02/2006 Show New
    Demonstration of the 'Minimig' Amiga FPGA prototype on Feb 18th 06/02/2006 Show New
    New Korean gaming handheld: Cenix GMP-M6 29/01/2006 Show New
    John Carmack's cell phone adventures: DoomRPG 18/01/2006 Show New
    Joel Spolsky, software genius thoughts 18/01/2006 Show New
    An Overview of Microsoft's Direct3D 10 API by Jack Hoxley 14/01/2006 Show New
    Commodore Combo: Commodore returns as a handheld 14/01/2006 Show New
    Desert Racing of BarDos: AGA racing game 14/01/2006 Show New
    Ami-DevCpp: Development Win Tool for AmigaOS, AROS, MorphOS 14/01/2006 Show New
    Happy new year to all 01/01/2006 Show New
    I Hyperion Entertainment Q&A Chat: Download the log 29/12/2005 Show New
    Jurassic Pack site updated! 26/12/2005 Show New
    Indigo, platform game not released is now online 25/12/2005 Show New
    Press play on tape: Cannon Fodder played using game controllers 24/12/2005 Show New
    AmigaOS4.0 Memory Allocation: 'slab allocator' aka 'object cache' 18/12/2005 Show New
    Amiga Forever 2005 13/12/2005 Show New
    Mobile Game: Club Football 2006 (Microjocs/Jamdat/Codemasters) 07/12/2005 Show New
    Amiga Tool: JoyTest 1.0b 07/12/2005 Show New
    Xbox 360 launched in Europe 02/12/2005 Show New
    Microsoft free development tools 27/11/2005 Show New
    Most Violent Games List 27/11/2005 Show New
    Square-Enix goes mobile: Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding 20/11/2005 Show New
    Official site of AmigaOS 4.0 has been released 01/11/2005 Show New
    Mobile Game: Lord Of The Rings: Legends (Microjocs & Jamdat) 23/10/2005 Show New
    Mobile Games 2005 18/10/2005 Show New
    GP2X: the alternative handheld 10/10/2005 Show New
    Codename: 3Dnaus 09/10/2005 Show New
    Sony PSP 2.0 Hacked! 03/10/2005 Show New
    Magazine: Amiga Point Of View 23/09/2005 Show New
    Lemonade - The Ultimate Amiga Gaming Frontend 18/09/2005 Show New
    Mr Beanbag!: Sonic like game 11/09/2005 Show New
    Bcn party'101 07/09/2005 Show New
    Wild flying demo 05/09/2005 Show New
    PSP UAE v0.31 27/08/2005 Show New
    Amiga Turns 20 23/07/2005 Show New
    PC Game: Ninegods PFC 10/04/2005 Show New
    Bcn party'100 Photos & Results 02/11/2004 Show New
    Bcn party'100 10/10/2004 Show New
    Mobile Game: Frozen World (Microjocs) 01/09/2004 Show New
    Melon cracktros online 06/01/2004 Show New
    Free Team 17 games 06/01/2004 Show New
    Mobile Game: Football Mobile 2004 (Microjocs) 01/08/2004 Show New
    Mobile Game: NeonRacer (Microjocs) 01/03/2004 Show New
    Mobile Game: Poyo's Garden (Microjocs) 06/01/2004 Show New
    Amiga Game: Amidonkey Kong 06/01/2004 Show New
    Mobile Game: Movistar Racing (Microjocs) 21/10/2003 Show New
    PHP tutorial 14/10/2003 Show New
    Emulators by Juan Antonio Gomez aka 007! 14/10/2003 Show New
    AmigaOS 4.0 Presentation 03/08/2003 Show New
    Mobile Game: RanRan (Microjocs) 15/06/2003 Show New
    Mobile Game: K-Insectors (Microjocs) 05/05/2003 Show New
    Microjocs game demos 17/04/2003 Show New
    ScummVM 19/02/2003 Show New
    Amiga Game: Whirlwind 19/02/2003 Show New
    Euskal Party 10 results 18/08/2002 Show New
    Ozone: Spanish Demoscene Group 18/08/2002 Show New
    Mobile Game: Wrath of Sekhmet (Microjocs) 15/02/2002 Show New
    Mobile Game: Spitfire (Microjocs) 21/11/2002 Show New
    PC Game add-on: Aliens: The return 02/08/2002 Show New
    PC Game add-on: Alien: The 8th passenger 08/05/2002 Show New
    PC Tool: Pdetector 02/05/2002 Show New
    PC Tool: Aliranze 02/05/2002 Show New
    PC Demo: Redbull Tororojo 06/01/2002 Show New
    Amiga Intro: Trashcan 5 announcentro 06/01/2001 Show New
    Amiga Game: Waverun (Gold) 19/11/2000 Show New
    Amiga Tool: Timofonica 23/03/2000 Show New
    Amiga Game: Z DragonBall 02/08/1999 Show New

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