works: Here you can see the projects, personal and professional, in which I was envolved. I'm mainly a coder and software engineer, so all the source code of these works is typed by me. I also drew many images and took my first steps in sound editing.



Ninegods is the Final Project of David Rodríguez and Carlos Peris for the Barcelona School of Informatics. It is a multiplayer roleplaying game based on a fantastic medieval age and inspired in games like Diablo and World of Warcraft.

Frozen World

In year 2023, the entire planet surface is covered with ice. This doom can only be reversed if Corben activates the antartic nuclear reactors. More than 15 thrilling levels and highly addictive gameplay are awaiting you. Available for J2ME (Nokia, Siemens, Motorola, TSM), and i-mode (NEC, Mitsubishi, TSM).

Football Mobile

This game is the first soccer game ever for i-mode compatible handsets. You will be able to feel what Zidane, Raúl and others are experiencing in the Euro 2004 in Portugal. In this football simulation I've made the game engine and enemy intelligence. The graphics engine is made by David Rodríguez. Available for Java(Nokia, Siemens, TSM, and Motorola) and i-mode(Nec, Mitsubishi and TSM).

Movistar Racing

The official motoracing MoviStar team game. I'm the j2ME coder of this game. You can play with MoviStar real motoracers on the championship circuits and also choose the category: 125cc, 250cc and MotoGP. The game modes are Simple Race, Championship and Time attack(like Outrun game). Available for Java and i-mode.

Poyo's Garden
The Evil Doctor Kaos has attacked once again. This time, he has dropped a powerful bomb on the quiet forest and burned down the millenary trees, the animals are now terrified by the evil creatures of Dr. Kaos. Luckily, Poyo is here to face Dr. Kaos and bring peace back to the forest. Available for Nokia, Siemens, TSM, and Motorola devices.

Ran Ran

Each master has an apprentice, and this is what you are. The training process has just begun, and you will need to impress your master with mighty kicks and powerful punches. Your enemy....a rain of deadly water melons. Available for Nokia and Siemens devices.

Amidonkey Kong 2
Amiga remake of the classic Nintendo handheld. Mario has kidnapped you father Donkey Kong and you are the only who can rescue him. Cocodriles, birds and electricity are your opponents.


2003: Our ships attempted to establish communications with the alien world but they destroyed them. We had no choice but to respond with force. The war began.
2024: We suffered severe setbacks. Our defeat is close Our last hope is to strike at the heart of the aliens power, the Queen of Insectors.

The wrath of Sekhmet
The wrath of Sekhmet.Goddess of war, she is out of control. You must penetrate into the pyramids, find her to pacify her ire. But you must be careful, the way will not be easy.


The best shoot'em up avaliable for mobile devices. 3 planes to choose, 3 huge stages, 13 enemies, 3 fire power levels. A game that pushes to the limit the capabilities of Siemens M50/MT50 phones. Accion without limits, only the best pilot can be the winner.


Demo for the first creative Redbull competition. A set of realtime animations with digital sculptures made with Redbull cans. The sequence of animations is fortuitous, as the camera movement. Coded in C++ and OpenGL.

Trashcan 5 Announcentro

Intro for the five issue of Trashcan, a spanish disk magazine. This is an Ozone&Network intro. 100% assembler coding.


Beta of a racing game, Wipeout clone. This game is the Waverun sequel. You race against the other ships, there are no rules. It's coded with Blitz Basic 2.


Futuristic ship racing game. You have to win in the three circuits and beat the 'invincible' ghost ship. Travel arround the galaxy to race against the best racers. Only the fastest will keep alive.

Alien: The 8th passenger

Starcraft map based on the Alien movie. Like in the film you have to talk with the computer ship, use the weapons avaliable, activate the self-destroy sequence and go the escape shuttle. Not so easy with and alien chasing you...

Dragon Ball

This is an unfinished but playable fighting game with characters from Dragon Ball series. You can play with Songokuh and Vegeta in 3 scenarios. One of my firsts attempts to code a game on Bliz Basic 2 for the Amiga computer. There is some artwork stuff.

Searchs for duplicate planet names in VGAPlanets 3.x
Program to control modem calls (Outdated)
Finds alliances between players in VGAPlanets 3.x trn's.