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This is the personal web site of Carlos Peris where you can see my productions: professional and freeware games, technical demos and tools. You can also read news about mobile & wireless devices, demoscene, amiga, games, emulators and programming. I'm currently Technical Manager at Digital Chocolate Barcelona. If you wish to contact me use the following link.

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    Epic fighters, the fantasy social game 10/09/2010 Show New
Epic fighters, the fantasy social game

War has divided the land and it is now up to you to create an Epic Fighter to restore harmony. Choose between Human, Forest Elf, Dark Elf and Undead races. Customize your warrior with an array of options including weapons, armor, helmets and more.

More info here: http://apps.facebook.com/epicfighters

    Millionaire City, build the city of your dreams 24/05/2010 Show New
Millionaire City, build the city of your dreams

Build your own dream city and become a MILLIONAIRE! Diamonds, mansions and own skyscrapers – all within reach in Millionaire City!

More info here: http://apps.facebook.com/millionairecity

    Tracker Hero, Guitar Hero for Amiga computers 07/01/2010 Show New
Tracker Hero, Guitar Hero for Amiga computers

Tracker Hero brings musical games to the Amiga. But instead of commercial tunes it uses Amiga Mod files. It can be played with keyboard, joysticks or even PS2 guitars and dance mats.

More info here: http://www.terra.es/personal8/937611204/ trackerhero/index.html

    MMA Pro Fighter: Facebook Social game now available 22/12/2009 Show New
MMA Pro Fighter: Facebook Social game now available

Merging two of the biggest growth trends in popular culture - Facebook and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), MMA Pro Fighter will give users the chance to issue a beat down as they compete against their friends to become the best fighter in the ring.

More info here: http://apps.facebook.com/mmaprofighter/

    Carnival Games Live: iPhone game now available 27/10/2009 Show New
Carnival Games Live: iPhone game now available

Come one, come all to experience the fun of 4 classic carnival games: Mole Whack, Duck Shoot, Arcade Basketball, and Arcade Bowling! Test your aim & coordination with over 29 different levels. Win top prize against your friends in a 4-person Multiplayer Mode or challenge them for top place on the Facebook leaderboard!

More info here: http://www.digitalchocolate.com/carnival -games-live/

    Jungle Bloxx: iPhone game now available 17/06/2009 Show New
Jungle Bloxx: iPhone game now available

Jungle Bloxx allows users to visit up to 10 different ancient locations in a quest to find the mythical city of El Dorado. Your objective is to crack open temples, destroy blocks and solve puzzles in order to attain the Jewel of the Gods.

More info here: http://wireless.ign.com/articles/996/996 008p1.html

    Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D: iPhone game now available 09/02/2009 Show New
Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D: iPhone game now available

Digital Chocolate's flagship game arrives to the App Store. Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D greatly improves on the original title which has previously won numerous awards including IGN’s Game of the Year and Mobile Entertainment Meffy Award for Best Mobile Game.

More info here: http://wireless.ign.com/objects/143/1431 5680.html

    Mobile Game: Fun Fair Games 12 Pack 01/10/2008 Show New
Mobile Game: Fun Fair Games 12 Pack

Get ready for a fun-filled day at the carnival! Enjoy a great collection of up to 12 carnival and arcade classics including Duck Shooting, Mole Whack, Dunk Tank, Ring the Bell, Bowling, Horse Racing and so many more! Win trophies and unlock cool prizes as you explore a colorful park of your all-time favorite funfair games!

More info here: http://www.digitalchocolate.com/games/mo bile/fun-fair-games-12-pack.html

    PC/Web Game: Digital Chocolate releases Diamond Islands 01/06/2008 Show New
PC/Web Game: Digital Chocolate releases Diamond Islands

Discover Diamond Islands – an incredibly fun and exciting puzzle game that’ll take you on a quest of love and discovery. Packed with 100 islands of puzzle fun, strategy and obstacles

More info here: http://www.digitalchocolate.com/games/pc /diamond-islands.html

    PC/Web Game: Digital Chocolate releases Pyramid Bloxx 01/06/2008 Show New
PC/Web Game: Digital Chocolate releases Pyramid Bloxx

Begin your adventure through 75 ancient levels to create an empire worth Cleopatra’s heart. In a journey of amazing twists and turns, create the Great Pyramids of Egypt with 3 addictive game types including – Pyramid Building Challenge, Match 3 Bloxx Puzzle and the ultra-fun Bloxx Mining Challenge.

More info here: http://www.digitalchocolate.com/games/pc /pyramid-bloxx.html

    Mobile Game: Brain Tester 24 pack 01/04/2008 Show New
Mobile Game: Brain Tester 24 pack

It's an all-new brain training experience packed with up to 24 brain games and a hilarious stupid test that'll challenge your common sense! Uncover your potential and have fun doing it - challenging yourself with all the classic brain games plus so much more.

More info here: http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Mobile/Br ain+Tester+24+Pack/review.asp?c=6756

    Mobile Game: Digital Chocolate presents Hot Balloon Race 16/02/2008 Show New
Mobile Game: Digital Chocolate presents Hot Balloon Race

Get ready for a top-speed adventure across the 7 continents and climb aboard a hot balloon for the ride of a lifetime. Blast through the skies with 5 specialized balloons and pick up turbos for a heart-stopping boost.

More info here: http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Mobile/Ho t+Balloon+Race/review.asp?c=5417&srch=ho t+balloon

    PC/XBox360: Starcrushers, Space RTS in XNA 14/08/2007 Show New
PC/XBox360: Starcrushers, Space RTS in XNA

A game developed in three months for the Microsoft XNA Dream Build Play Challenge. I will upload the Xbox version as soon as I have some spare time for doing so :). Play now, both version are free!

Updated: Finally I got some time and the Xbox360 version is now online!

More info here: /zener/starcrushers

    Mobile Game: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Team Racing (MJ/Dchoc) 14/08/2007 Show New
Mobile Game: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Team Racing (MJ/Dchoc)

A long name for the official game of the Formula One team. Play with Fernando Alonso or Lewis Hamilton on this thrillin' race game. Both drivers have the same chances to win the championship (at least in the game ;) )
Developed by Microjocs and published by Digital Chocolate.

More info here: http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Mobile/Vo dafone+McLaren+Mercedes+Team+Racing/revi ew.asp?c=3118

    Mobile Game: UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 nomitated as best game! 07/05/2007 Show New
Mobile Game: UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 nomitated as best game!

The first mobile football card game is nominated as best game in the Meffy's. The other nominees: Tornado mania!, Brain Genius, Miami Nights and The Fast and the Furious Tokyo
I worked in the project programming the tournament flow and parts of the AI.

More info here: http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Mobile/UE FA+Champions+League+2006-2007/review.asp ?c=2685

    Mobile Game: Astro 3003 Odissey (Microjocs) 24/12/2006 Show New
Mobile Game: Astro 3003 Odissey (Microjocs)

At last, the sequel of one of the first games of Microjocs. This time you can play either on Mars or an Starbase, as it features 24 unique levels. It was a pleasure for me to help my friend Álex Roca in the programming area of that awesome game.
Ingame video

More info here: http://www.microjocs.com/?control=juego& accion=ver&id=18

    Mobile Game: LMA Manager 2007 (Codemasters/Microjocs) 27/10/2006 Show New
Mobile Game: LMA Manager 2007 (Codemasters/Microjocs)

We at Microjocs have just finished the sequel of one of most well know football managers. This year edition has a lot of new features and an impressive 2D match so I hope Codemasters is very happy of our work. Again, apart from managing the project, I have been involved in match and tournament simulation.

More info here: works/lma2007/index.html

    Mobile Game: Microjocs releases MoviFutbolin, the pocket foosball 11/06/2006 Show New
Mobile Game: Microjocs releases MoviFutbolin, the pocket foosball

Foosball, a game very well-known in Spain, usually played in pubs. Choose your formation and play against seven different opponents and show them who's the best. Submit you score to the global ranking and get to the top one. Also know as MoviFoosball/HandyKicker/Matraquilhos/TableFootball.

More info here: /zener/works/movifutbolin/index.html

    PC Game: Warcrushers 22/05/2006 Show New
PC Game: Warcrushers

Realtime strategy game in medieval age. Guide your troops to victory in a campaign made of 8 stages. Gather money, recruit new soldiers and crush your enemies in the battlefield. At last you can download the finished game, enjoy it! :)

More info here: /zener/works/warcrushers/index.html

    Mobile Game: LMA Manager 2006 (Microjocs/Jamdat/Codemasters) 03/03/2006 Show New
Mobile Game: LMA Manager 2006 (Microjocs/Jamdat/Codemasters)

LMA Manager 2006, the mobile version of the popular football management console title, gives mobile gamers the opportunity to act as a top manager.

    Code: Carlos Carrasco, Carlos Peris and David Rodríguez
    GFX: Raul Durán
    Music: Jordi Gutiérrez

What press said:
4 of 5 stars- MovilLife (Spain)

    Mobile Game: Club Football 2006 (Microjocs/Jamdat/Codemasters) 07/12/2005 Show New
Mobile Game: Club Football 2006 (Microjocs/Jamdat/Codemasters)

The sequel to Codemaster's football brand is here. The new football engine has a bunch of new features and is more playable. You can play the superleague with the best 16 european teams or play the domestic league of your country. There are specific versions for FCBarcelona, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Milan, Juventus, Bayern de Munich, Hamburger SV, Rangers and Celtic.

     Programming: Carlos Peris and David Rodríguez
     GFX: Raul Durán
     Music: Jordi Gutiérrez

What press said:
'the best above all is the playability: changing the player you control is easy and the passes are accurate'
4 of 5 - MovilLife (Spain)

More info here: http://www.jamdat.com

    Amiga Tool: JoyTest 1.0b 07/12/2005 Show New
Amiga Tool: JoyTest 1.0b

With all the old joysticks and joypads we have in classic Amigas is hard to know if they are still working correctly. Joytest let you know if the Amiga notices the button push or if the button it's not working. It's CD32 compatible, so you can test CD32 gamepads too. I've included the source code in Blitz Basic (it uses few code lines).

More info here: /zener/works/joytest/joytest.lha

    Mobile Game: Lord Of The Rings: Legends (Microjocs & Jamdat) 23/10/2005 Show New
Mobile Game: Lord Of The Rings: Legends (Microjocs & Jamdat)

Yeah! It's Lord of The Rings, the latest game I've programmed. You can play with Frodo, Aragorn, Legolas and Eowin. Travel from the Shire to Mount Doom through the Mines of Moria and the plains of Rohan. Fight against the Uruk-hais in Helm's Deep and save Frodo from the Nazgul on Weathertop. Follow Gollum to Mordor crossing the Death Marshes and climbing the stairs of Cirith Ungol to the Shelob's Lair. Cast the ring into the cracks of Doom and save the Middle Earth from Sauron!

     Design & GFX: Jordi Palomé
     Programming: Carlos Peris
     Music: Jordi Gutiérrez
     QA Manager: Xavi Espejo
     Published by Jamdat and developed by Microjocs.

What press said:

'An accurate production that captures the magic of the original to provide unforgettable playing moments'
95% Score - PlayStation 2 Magazine (Spain)
'Best of the best' - móvilJuegos (Spain)

More info here: /zener/works/lotrlegends/index.html

    PC Game: Ninegods PFC 10/04/2005 Show New
PC Game: Ninegods PFC

At last you can download my university project. It's a game with a full 3D fantastic world. Ninegods it's a multiplayer game so you can play with friends. David Rodríguez and me were coders in this project, Elias Lozano and Jordi Palomé were Art Directors of the game.

More info here: works/9gods/index.html

    Mobile Game: Frozen World (Microjocs) 01/09/2004 Show New
Mobile Game: Frozen World (Microjocs)

In year 2023, the entire planet surface is covered with ice. This doom can only be reversed if Corben activates the antartic nuclear reactors. More than 15 thrilling levels and highly addictive gameplay are awaiting you. Available for J2ME devices (Nokia, Siemens, Motorola, TSM), and i-mode (NEC, Mitsubishi, TSM).

More info here: /zener/works/frozenworld/index.html

    Mobile Game: Football Mobile 2004 (Microjocs) 01/08/2004 Show New
Mobile Game: Football Mobile 2004 (Microjocs)

This game is the first soccer game ever for i-mode compatible handsets. You will be able to feel what Zidane, Raúl and others are experiencing in the Euro 2004 in Portugal. In this football simulation I've made the game engine and player's AI.
What press said: 'A big surprise, comparable to the one that once was ISS Pro on the console world.' Playstation2 magazine (Spain)

    Mobile Game: NeonRacer (Microjocs) 01/03/2004 Show New
Mobile Game: NeonRacer (Microjocs)

Neon Racer is the first multiplayer game developed by Microjocs Mobile for Terraplay's Multiplayer platform. This futuristic racing game was presented at the Games Developers Conference that was hold at the Sun Microsystems booth.
     Programming: Carlos Peris, Carlos Carrasco
     GFX: Jordi Palomé
     Music: Jordi Gutiérrez

More info here: http://www.terraplay.com

    Mobile Game: Poyo's Garden (Microjocs) 06/01/2004 Show New
Mobile Game: Poyo

Our dear Poyo is back with this new adventure. Help Poyo to save the garden creatures throught 15 funny and colorful unique levels. Face many dangers and bring back the greenness of the garden! Available for Nokia and Motorola devices and very soon for other handsets.

More info here: http://www.microjocs.com/games/poyosgard en/poyosgarden.htm

    Amiga Game: Amidonkey Kong 06/01/2004 Show New
Amiga Game: Amidonkey Kong

Amiga remake of the classic Nintendo handheld. Mario has kidnapped you father Donkey Kong and you are the only who can rescue him. Cocodriles, birds and electricity are your opponents. Almost finished, it's now on beta stage.

More info here: works/amidonkey/index.html

    Mobile Game: Movistar Racing (Microjocs) 21/10/2003 Show New
Mobile Game: Movistar Racing (Microjocs)

The official motoracing MoviStar team game is now selling. It has been developed by Microjocs and programmed by me. You can play with MoviStar real motoracers on the championship circuits and also choose the category: 125cc, 250cc and MotoGP. The game modes are Simple Race, Championship and Time attack(like Outrun game).

More info here: http://www.juegos.movistar.es/Comunidade sJuegos/WebCtrl?action=fichagame&mktarea =&mktjuego=movistarracing

    Mobile Game: RanRan (Microjocs) 15/06/2003 Show New
Mobile Game: RanRan (Microjocs)

Each master has an apprentice, and this is what you are. The training process has just begun, and you will need to impress your master with mighty kicks and powerful punches. Your enemy....a rain of deadly water melons. Available for Nokia and Siemens devices.

More info here: http://www.microjocs.com/games/ranran/ra nran.htm

    Mobile Game: K-Insectors (Microjocs) 05/05/2003 Show New
Mobile Game: K-Insectors (Microjocs)

2003: Our ships attempted to establish communications with the alien world but they destroyed them. We had no choice but to respond with force. The war began.
2024: We suffered severe setbacks. Our defeat is close Our last hope is to strike at the heart of the aliens power, the Queen of Insectors.

More info here: http://www.microjocs.com/games/k-insecto rs/kinsectors.htm

    Amiga Game: Whirlwind 19/02/2003 Show New
Amiga Game: Whirlwind

Beta of a racing game, Wipeout clone. This game is the Waverun sequel. You race against the other ships, there are no rules. It's coded with Blitz Basic 2.

More info here: works/whirlwind/whirlwind.html

    Mobile Game: Wrath of Sekhmet (Microjocs) 15/02/2002 Show New
Mobile Game: Wrath of Sekhmet (Microjocs)

Goddess of war, She's a woman with lion head. Sekhmet defended Ra from his enemies, but she went out of control and began to kill people indiscriminately. Ra had to get drunk her with beer and then she fell asleep
...until now!

More info here: http://www.microjocs.com/games/sekhmet/s ekhmet.htm

    Mobile Game: Spitfire (Microjocs) 21/11/2002 Show New
Mobile Game: Spitfire (Microjocs)

The best shoot'em up avaliable for mobile devices. 3 planes to choose, 3 huge stages, 13 enemies, 3 fire power levels. A game that pushes to the limit the capabilities of Siemens M50/MT50 phones. Accion without limits, only the best pilot can be the winner.

More info here: http://www.microjocs.com/games/spitfire/ spitfire.htm

    PC Game add-on: Alien: The 8th passenger 08/05/2002 Show New
PC Game add-on: Alien: The 8th passenger

Starcraft map based on the Alien movie. Like in the film you have to talk with the computer ship, use the weapons avaliable, activate the self-destroy sequence and go the escape shuttle. Not so easy with and alien chasing you...

More info here: works/alien/alien.html

    PC Tool: Pdetector 02/05/2002 Show New
PC Tool: Pdetector

Searchs for duplicate planet names in VGAPlanets 3.x

More info here: works/pdetector/pdetector.html

    PC Tool: Aliranze 02/05/2002 Show New
PC Tool: Aliranze

Finds alliances between players in VGAPlanets 3.x trn's.

More info here: works/aliranze/index.html

    PC Demo: Redbull Tororojo 06/01/2002 Show New
PC Demo: Redbull Tororojo

Demo for the first creative Redbull competition. A set of realtime animations with digital sculptures made with Redbull cans. The sequence of animations is fortuitous, as the camera movement. Coded in C++ and OpenGL.

More info here: works/tororojo/tororojo.html

    Amiga Intro: Trashcan 5 announcentro 06/01/2001 Show New
Amiga Intro: Trashcan 5 announcentro

Intro for the five issue of Trashcan, a spanish disk magazine. This is an Ozone&Network intro. 100% assembler coding.

More info here: works/trashcan5/trash.html

    Amiga Game: Waverun (Gold) 19/11/2000 Show New
Amiga Game: Waverun (Gold)

Futuristic ship racing game. You have to win in the three circuits and beat the 'invincible' ghost ship. Travel arround the galaxy to race against the best racers. Only the fastest will survive.

More info here: works/waverun/waverun.html

    Amiga Tool: Timofonica 23/03/2000 Show New
Amiga Tool: Timofonica

Program to control modem calls (Outdated)

More info here: works/timofonica/timofonica.html

    Amiga Game: Z DragonBall 02/08/1999 Show New
Amiga Game: Z DragonBall

This is an unfinished but playable fighting game with characters from Dragon Ball series. You can play with Songokuh and Vegeta in 3 scenarios. One of my firsts attempts to code a game on Bliz Basic 2 for the Amiga computer. There is some artwork stuff.

More info here: works/dragonball/index.html

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