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This is the personal web site of Carlos Peris where you can see my productions: professional and freeware games, technical demos and tools. You can also read news about mobile & wireless devices, demoscene, amiga, games, emulators and programming. I'm currently Technical Manager at Digital Chocolate Barcelona. If you wish to contact me use the following link.

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    Ten Indie or Student Game Competitions 29/12/2007 Show New
    A* pathfinding for beginners 16/07/2007 Show New
    Will Wright speech at SXSW conference 02/04/2007 Show New
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    Dice Wars, an example of game design 11/03/2007 Show New
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    Procedural Content Generation 11/02/2007 Show New
    Implementing dataports 18/11/2006 Show New
    Nero, a game with AI adaptative agents 13/11/2006 Show New
    XNA Game Studio Express Public Beta Released 24/10/2006 Show New
    A Glimpse Inside the Cell Processor 13/07/2006 Show New
    Why software is bad and what we can do to fix it 09/07/2006 Show New
    Parallel-Split Shadow Maps for Large-scale Virtual Environments 09/07/2006 Show New
    Flow in games thesis (Still waiting for Spore) 06/06/2006 Show New
    The Making Of Shadow Of The Colossus 06/05/2006 Show New
    Javier Arevalo UPC Videogame conference slides 27/04/2006 Show New
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    Vertex Displacement Mapping using openGL Shading Language 29/03/2006 Show New
    Joel Spolsky, software genius thoughts 18/01/2006 Show New
    An Overview of Microsoft's Direct3D 10 API by Jack Hoxley 14/01/2006 Show New
    Ami-DevCpp: Development Win Tool for AmigaOS, AROS, MorphOS 14/01/2006 Show New
    AmigaOS4.0 Memory Allocation: 'slab allocator' aka 'object cache' 18/12/2005 Show New
    Microsoft free development tools 27/11/2005 Show New
Microsoft free development tools

Microsoft is giving away free one year licenses for some of their best development software including:

Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition
SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition
Visual C# 2005 Express Edition
Visual C 2005 Express Edition
Visual J# 2005 Express Edition

More info here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/

    PHP tutorial 14/10/2003 Show New

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