MSX and MSX2 Emulator


Download Download AmiMSX v3.2 - (10 April 2009)
Download Download AmiMSX v3.1 - (25 September 2000)
Download Download AmiMSX v2.52 - (7 October 1997)
Download Download ASM Source Code - (25 September 2000)


  • FAST.
  • Smoth Scrolls.
  • R-800 CPU supported.
  • Z-80A Emulation highly optimized and compatible.
  • One Frame screen refresh!
  • MSX Disk drives supported via Amiga Disk drives.
  • MSX Disk images supported (MVD:)
  • Cartridges (ROM images) supported (Mega-ROMs aswell)
  • 100% Compatible with MC68020/030/040/060
  • Line Interrupts support with screen changes in real time.
  • MSX, MSX2 and MSX2+ ROMs supported.
  • DOS and DOS2 ROMs supported.
  • KANA ROM supported. (Kanji graphics)
  • All MSX2 Screen modes supported.
  • Two JoySticks ports supported.
  • MSX Tape simulation support.
  • MSX Mouse supported
  • MSX Printer supported
  • PSG and SCC Sound support.
  • Cheat mode. (Find and set cheats in your games!)
  • Mini-Debug mode. (Show memory and CPU registers)
  • PAL and NTSC frequencies ONLY acepted.
  • xpk, Stone Cracker and File Imploder decrunch support.
  • Great GUI, very easy of use.
  • Key file support.

  • AGA Chip set Required.
  • Don't work with Graphics cards.
  • ONLY work with PAL or NTSC frequencies.

    v3.2 (10 April 2009)
  • KeyFile requirement removed. Now it works right under Scalos (used in some ClassicWB packs)

  • v3.1 (25 September 2000)
  • MSX2 Overscan mode support (Sex Bomb Bunny / MATRA)
  • Screen 2 and 4 with ONE tile Bank support (Ark-A-Noah / MATRA)
  • 100% Compatible with all Motorola procesors (020/030/040/060)
  • Z-80A Emulation is now Syncronized (Slow but more Quality)
  • Now, a lot of things are 100% syncronized like a real MSX.
  • Full support of Line Interrupts.
  • CPU Emulation can run at Real/Fast/Turbo Modes.
  • Screen 8 Sprites are now emulated with your real colours.

  • v2.52 (August 1999)
  • AmiMSX is FreeWare. (Included Key file Registered to the Amiga Community)

  • v2.51 (7 October 1997)
  • More compatibility with MC68060.

  • v2.5 (10 September 1997)
  • KANA ROM Supported. (Kanji graphics)
  • Screen 3 emulated. (Graph Multi)
  • Simulation of Japanese ROM-Bios.
  • BIG Bug fixed in Z-80A Slower.
  • Mini-Debug mode.
  • Tape mode support.
  • Refresh Internal Amiga Clock (NO more time Freezed)
  • Saves MSX2 Sprites like a IFF-ILBM file.
  • Some Z-80A and VDP bugs fixed.
  • xpk support (Cartridges only)
  • Saves ASL paths.
  • Key file support.

  • Older versions
    Cut cut cut
    Sorry. Not done!

    Emulator Started in April of 1994.

Note: AmiMSX always will run with AGA, PAL/NTSC frequences and disabling multitask.