Nintendo Game Boy (B/W) Emulator


Download Download AmiGameBoy v0.96 - (10 April 2009)
Download Download AmiGameBoy v0.91 - (20 November 1999)
Download Download ASM Source Code - (20 November 1999)


  • FAST.
  • Smooth Scrolls.
  • Save Battery RAM.
  • One Frame screen refresh!
  • Line Interrupts support with screen changes in real time.
  • Keyboard, CD32 joypad and Standard Joystick supported.
  • Cheat mode. (Find and set cheats in your games!)
  • PAL and NTSC frequencies ONLY acepted. (PAL for more compatibility)
  • Z-80 Emulation highly optimized and compatible. (Ported from my AmiMSX2)
  • Great GUI, very easy of use.
  • Key file support.
  • Sound support.
  • xpk support.

  • AGA Chip set Required.
  • Don't work with Graphics cards.
  • ONLY work with PAL or NTSC frequencies.

    v0.96 (10 April 2009)
  • KeyFile requirement removed. Now it works right under Scalos (used in some ClassicWB packs)

  • v0.90 (12 February 1998)
  • Save Battery RAM supported.
  • Realtime Scrolls Refresh Supported.
  • Realtime Palette Refresh Supported.
  • Line Interrupts support.
  • Mediocre Timer Interrupts support.
  • Better Sound Emulation.
  • Key file support.
  • xpk support.

Note: AmiGameBoy always will run with AGA, PAL/NTSC frequences and disabling multitask.